Monday, January 11, 2016


Lucy and I met our girlfriends, Tonya and Stella, for a fun little morning.  We played outside for a little bit and then went to lunch.  We also crashed a country club and took advantage of their Christmas d├ęcor:)

Piston's Game

The kids and I wanted to surprise Jonathan by taking him to a Piston's game around his birthday.  I found a groupon and bought us tickets and we surprised Jonathan with a game.  The timing ended up not being ideal as we had to get to this game after our drive home from Boyne, which is a long one.  So we were all pooped but we had a good time.  And luck was in our favor because it was Star Wars night at the Palace.  There were characters from the movies roaming the halls and we ran into Baba Fett!  The half time show was also exciting to watch.  Another fun night for the Moesers.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015





We initially thought we'd head up to Boyne to do some skiing.  But the weather had other ideas.  So, after visiting with Dad and Jacky we went to Boyne and hit the water park instead of the slopes.  The highlight of this trip was getting to spend a little time with my brother, Kris.  He flew in to surprise Jacky for her birthday.  Jonathan had to spend a day working while we were up north so Kris drove the kids and I over to Boyne to meet Jona after he finished work.  I loved having this time with my brother.  We had so much fun!